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Pigeon Forge TN


  • Funky Bloody Mary

    Spice up your brunch with our Asian style Bloody Mary. Our secret ingredient is…, well, it’s a secret.

  • Orange Oasis

    Feel yourself in paradise with a perfect combination of Gin and Cherry Brandy that make a sweet, spicy and fruity taste.

  • Blushing Dragon

    A delicious mix of Vodka, Cointreau, juices and berries so good that it makes even the Dragon blush.

  • Budha’s Best Old Fashioned

    Bourbon, lightly sweetened with sugar and aromatized with bitters. The classic that never gets old.

  • Budha’s Mai Tai

    Rum ready? It’s Tiki Time! This iconic Rum drink is too much fun to pass up.

  • Blood and Sand

    This martini is a combination of Scotch and Sweet Vermouth with added Cherry Brandy and orange juice.

  • Negroni

    Popular aperitif made of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari.

  • Late Night Lychee Margarita

    Spicy meets sweet in this unique recipe. Silver Tequila mixed with lime juice and simple syrup infused with the sweetness of Lychee fruits. Add Jalapenos for a dynamic flavor experience!

  • Get Funky

    Whiskey Sour with a Pinot Noir wine float. Unique and glamorous way to ‘get funky.’

  • Monkey Gland

    A fantastic flavor combination in this Gin martini has a bizarre inspiration and wonderful taste.


  • Angry Orchard
    Bell’s Oberon
    Blue Moon
    Bud Light
    Cerveza Patagoinia
    Coors Light
    Lagunitas IPA
    Michelob Ultra
    Miller Lite
    Revolver Red and Honey
    Sam Adams Seasonal
    Samuel Adams
    Sweetwater 420
    Yee-Haw Dunkel
    Yuengling Lager


  • Bud Light
    Coors Light
    Corona Extra
    Corona Light
    Dos Equis
    Dos Equis Ambar
    Michelob Ultra
    Miller Lite
    Modelo Especial
    Smirnoff Grape
    Smirnoff Green Apple
    Smirnoff Original
    Smirnoff Screwdriver
    Stella Artois
    Yuengling Lager

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